The Online Education Process

Enrolling in online education program requires students to complete the processes of admission, registration, and more. We’ll walk you through each step of the online learning process below.

Articulating Goals

Before you can begin search for online education programs, you’ll need to clearly articulate your scholastic goals. If you’d like to pursue a degree, you will need to decide on the type of degree, such as a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Likewise, you’ll need to settle on one or two potential fields of study before you begin shopping for online schools. To help you decide on a field of study, you might first define where you’d like to go with your career. If you’re happy with the field you’re currently in, choose related degrees that will help you advance within your profession. On the other hand, if you’d like to change careers, select an online degree that will facilitate your move to another field.

School Selection & Admission

Once you know what kind of online degree you want to pursue, begin looking for colleges and universities that offer the program in which you’re interested. One of the best features of online education is that you can choose from any school in the country, which gives you many more options in terms of possible degrees.

After you’ve found two or three schools in which you’re interested, you will need to apply for admission. You can complete this process online on your school’s website. In some cases, you will need to send over transcripts from past schools and perhaps also complete a standardized admissions test. Most online schools have admissions officers or advisers that can assist you with the process if you have questions along the way.


If you are admitted to online education program, you will then have to register for classes. Typically, you will be assigned to an academic adviser upon admission, and this adviser can help you structure your first semester of classes. To browse the selection of courses your school offers, visit the registration portion of their website. Select the classes you want and pay your tuition as soon as possible. As with traditional classes, online courses are eligible for federal student aid as long as the institution that offers them is accredited.